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Who we are
Blue Ridge Technologies Corporation (BRTech) is a diversified high-technology 8(a) company providing a wide array of information technology and wireless communication services in support of federal and commercial clients nationwide.
Officer Experience
Skill Matrix


BRTech is a small business, established as "C" corporation in the state of Maryland in 1994. BRTech officers have over 25 years of federal government and commercial experience in requirements analysis, object oriented design, large distributed multi-tier client/server system development, data warehousing, and project management.

Officer Experience

Corporate Officers have experience with the following government and commercial organizations:
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • Internal Revenue Service, Department of Treasury (IRS)
  • Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Raytheon Systems Company
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Alcatel Data Networks
  • Comsat Laboratories

Skill Matrix

BRTech team has following technical skills:
Languages C++, Java, JavaCC, XML, JSP, JavaScript, WML, HTML, C, Pro*C, lex, yacc, SQL
GUI IDE Visual Cafe, Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit, OpenWave SDK, UIM/X, Builder Xcessory
Tools Rational Rose, Apex, imake, ClearCase, RCS, Purify, PureLink, DDTS, STTS, SODA
Databases Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, Illustra, UniSQL, ObjectStore
OS Unix, Linux, Windows NT
Protocols TCP/IP, HTTP, WAP
API RogueWave, J2EE(JDBC, JSP, JavaMail, JMS, JAXP), JClass, ODL, X/Xt/Motif
Web Server Apache, Netscape Enterprise Server, TomCat
Methodology UML(OMT, Booch, Jacobson)
Process CMM Level 3, ISO 9000
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1100 Shipman Lane, McLean, VA 22101. Phone: (703)677-2432. Fax: (703)738-9059